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Skwal Helmet

Skwal Helmet




SHARK Helmets SKWAL is one of the world’s first major manufacturers' helmet that integrates embedded LED technologypowered by a rechargeable battery

The one-of-a-kind SHARK Helmets SKWAL boasts both design and silhouette resulting from computational fluid simulations to optimize stability and soundproofing at high-speed.

  • 1st motorcycle helmet with integrated LED lights: rechargeable battery (5,000 recharge cycles, 5 hours of continuous operation, 10 hours while blinking).
  • Blink / Steady dual LED mode.
  • Pinlock MaxVision visor a standard feature.
  • Autoseal system: flattens the visor onto the helmet, offers better soundproofing and seals the helmet (against water and cold).
  • Extremely stable, with aerodynamic attributes enhanced by its spoiler.
  • Integrated sun shield.
  • Bamboo treated interior for triple effectiveness: antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenic.
  • Ready for installation of the SHARKTOOTH® (or other) Wireless Entertainment System.
  • DOT approved.

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