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Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

Motorcycle Handlebar Lock




Walk away knowing you’re keeping your bike safe and secure with this theft deterrent!

The perfect device for riders who leave their ride and need an extra layer of protection. It fulfills two functions: to discourage crooks from trying any funny business; and also to protect the bike in case somebody tries stealing it anyway.

The lock is so small and light, you can carry it in your pocket or backpack without feeling bulky, or even under your seat.

Sleek compact design: With carefully rounded lines, this security device is an outstanding piece of design that will help you feel confident leaving your bike parked in busy areas.

Sturdy & Secure: The tough and durable aluminum alloy of this lock will keep your motorcycle safe from thieves. With a sturdy build, it can withstand harsh weather conditions without fail.

Quick and easy installation: The quickest and easy way to secure your bike handlebars. It installs in seconds and is very easy to use. Wrap it, lock it and leave.